Cath Eichmann  Principal
Jennifer Campbell Assistant Principal Pastoral Care & Staff Support
Adam Kelly Assistant Principal Learning & Teaching
Jodie Rich  Leader of Catechesis
Marg Gobius Leader of Evangelisation
Mandy Palin Leader of Administration and Staff support
Sarah Warby Leader of Curriculum
Paul Robins Leader of Pedagogy
Nicole O’Connell Leader of Pastoral Care: Wellbeing
Warren Lorger Leader of Pastoral Care: Student Support
Ellen McKell Leader of Pastoral Care: Year 7 
Daniel O'Dell Acting Leader of Pastoral Care: Year 8 
Peter Murphy  Leader of Pastoral Care: Year 9 
Glen Littler   Leader of Pastoral Care: Year 10 
Andrea Huxley Leader of Pastoral Care: Year 11 
Lisa Kable Leader of Pastoral Care: Year 12 
Loretta North Creative Arts 
Jodie Rich Catechesis 
Clare Hayes English 
Andrew Evans Human Society and Its Environment 
Rhys Jones  Learning Technologies 
Nigel Russell-Cargill Mathematics 
Alison Montgomery PDHPE 
Stewart Smith Science 
Geoff Thick Technological and Applied Studies 
Erin Denham Leader of Sport 
Michael Kelly Leader of Career Pathways 
Jessica Prussing Learning Support and Additional Needs Coordinator 
Mandy Palin Enrichment Coordinator 
Terrianne Ryan Office Manager
Jenny Hunt  Business Manager