Enrol in Excellence

MacKillop College caters for approximately 1200 students from Years 7 to 12, forming part of St Agnes' Parish Secondary Schools.  The school offers excellence in teaching and learning, spiritual formation, pastoral care, sport and creative arts; Our highly qualified and dedicated teams are committed to giving all students the opportunity to achieve academic and career goals. In Catholic schools, a special emphasis is placed upon developing students spiritually and morally through formal Religious Education programs, retreats, reflection days and liturgies. Additionally, staff at MacKillop College work in partnership with students and their parents to create a school environment where there is emphasis on living by the values of Jesus’ teachings.

The MacKillop College Community

Two of our students, Archi Devine, Year 7, and Isobel Berryman, Year 12, pondered what it meant to be part of our community. They named gaining a sense of belonging, the opportunity to pursue your passions, seeing values like compassion and social justice in action and an overriding sense of friendship and kindness as some of the positives they receive as students of MacKillop. I invite you to listen to Archi and Isobel as they speak of their experiences at MacKillop College.

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