Canteen Update

Monday June 24Jo McLaren-King & Renee Bullock
Tuesday June 25Athletics Carnival
Wednesday June 26Bec Eakin
Thursday June 27Sue Ryan & Tracey Reddie
Friday June 28Mel Collins, Priscilla Turnbull & Louise Pearce
Monday July 1Paul Atkins & Kate Perkins
Tuesday July 2Judy Ryan & Michael Richards
Wednesday July 3Peta Clancy
Thursday July 4Renae Maher & Laura Mayes
Friday July 5Rowena Beukers, Kelly Dingle, Vicki Hamlyn & Ronnel Skea

Athletics Carnival

Sausage sizzle $3.00  Soft drinks $2.50   (Also avaible as a meal deal on QKR)  other treats from  $1.00

To order from the canteen:

1. Orders can be written out at the canteen (bags supplied free of charge).

2. Orders can be written out at home and handed in at the canteen.

3. Download the Qkr! app and order online.

Attention all QKR users!

Cut-off time is 8.00 am.

Any orders placed after 8.00 am default to the following day. It is very time-consuming for canteen staff to have to check all late orders every day and then contact parents about their order. 

If you make a mistake, please call the office or send your child to the canteen.

There have also been new gluten-free items added to the menu.

Canteen Help Needed

The canteen is desperately seeking volunteers for one hour per month. No cooking, cleaning or stocking is needed, just serving our lovely students. Even if you can only do one half-hour shift it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of our current volunteers, we appreciate your help.

Sign up and receive a Welcome Pack (coffee voucher, chocolates, voucher for your child to use at the canteen).
Please contact Maxine at the College 6583 2632 or via email at 

Year 12


This year, our college is blessed with wonderful leaders. Maeve and Archie have been fine examples of what it is to be visible and approachable examples for everyone in our community, and they have certainly been “front and centre” in their roles. However, I’d also like to acknowledge the more unseen efforts from many other students in this year group, particularly the SRC, who have steadily gone about their business in a most humble way and, in the process, have formed into a very harmonious and driven team. 

The Story of Two Woodcutters

Two woodcutters, Peta and Kim, decided to have a competition to see who could chop down the most trees in a day. They began early one morning. The sound of two chopping axes reverberated through the forest. Every hour, though, Peta would stop chopping for fifteen minutes while Kim kept going relentlessly. 

When the competition ended, Kim was absolutely confident that he would take the victory. But to Kim’s astonishment, Peta had actually cut down more wood. How did this even happen? “How could you have chopped down more trees than me? I heard you stop working every hour for fifteen minutes!” exclaimed Kim. Peta replied, “Well, it’s really simple. Every time I stopped work, while you were still chopping down trees, I was sharpening my axe.”

Trial HSC Exams

Trial HSC exams are creeping towards us. They begin in Week 3 of Term 3.

Year 12 students should have started the process of preparing for these exams by first getting their study notes in order for each subject and reviewing where they have lost marks in past tasks. Mr. Adam Kelly has talked to Year 12 specifically about preparation for this period and the HSC Exam and about using your study time efficiently. Wise advice.

In saying that, I will also say that everyone needs a rest now and then. With the holidays coming up, followed soon after by the Trial HSC, the temptation for our more driven students is to fill these holidays with study hours. Please be mindful to make room for relaxation, for family, and for fun. Give yourselves quality time away from the books so that you can regenerate and “sharpen your axe.”.


Congratulations to the following students who received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Tayte Schultz.

Bruce Smith
Year 12 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 11

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Michael Peck for his care of Year 11 in my absence. Mr. Peck effectively utilised his time with the students, ensuring they were thoroughly challenged and engaged in their studies. It was comforting knowing there was someone capable and caring looking after the students.

During my absence, I cherished the time spent at home with my wife and our newest addition, little Ruby. It was a period of immense gratitude and joy for our growing family. Thank you to all the students and parents who have sent me kind words and cards and congratulated me upon my return on Monday.

Driving on College Grounds

It is a privilege to drive to school and park on college grounds. Year 11 students are making progress towards acquiring their provisional licences, and the car park is filling up quickly! Once they obtain their P’s, they should inform me if they wish to drive to school and park on the grounds. I will then provide them with the necessary form to complete, involving their parents or carers in this process.

Geography Excursion

I would like to wish the Year 11 staff and students who are attending the upcoming geography excursion to Cairns a safe and joyful trip. There is much anticipation in the yard around the excursion, and I know that it is a highlight for many students. I hope the parents and carers also enjoy this time at home and that it offers some peace and quiet. I look forward to seeing all the photos and hearing about the trip upon your return.


Congratulations to the following students who received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Ryder Day, Maya Southwell & Sarah Wilmot.

Daniel O'Dell
Year 11 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 10


Congratulations to the following students who received the Silver Principal’s Award: Cameron Bullock.

Congratulations to the following students who received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Cameron Bullock, Jessica Fraser, Chloe Kapila, Lucy Randall & Hugo Van Den Nieuwenhof.

Tom Salter
Year 10 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 9

Year 9 Mass

Last Wednesday, we shared in a beautiful celebration of Mass in which students truly demonstrated, “We have much for which to be thankful." It was wonderful to witness so many in Year 9 volunteer in ministry roles to lead us in communal prayer. 

Thank you to Mrs. Gobius and Miss Morrow for helping us make Mass special, and to Mr. Denham, Mr. Crowley, and the musicians and vocalists who offered their time and talent to enrich our celebration with hymns.

Connect and Belong Retreat Day

Last Friday, Year 9 students came together to experience the value of connecting and belonging as a cohort on a retreat day. The Connect and Belong day offered us the opportunity to access the messages of connection in an authentic way, reminding us to practice:

  • Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘human kindness’; we are defined by the way in which we treat others, to "do to others as you would have them do to you" (Matt 7:12). Students practiced active listening as our best means to build empathy, which compels us to be kin.
  • Building Relationships: We choose how we respond in times of conflict, be it passive, aggressive, or assertive, but a reminder that making regular deposits in our 'relational bank accounts’ facilitates our ability to forgive, and forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. ‘“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.” (1 Corinthians 13:6-7).
  • Offering gratitude regularly is vital to our own wellbeing and our impact on others; realising ‘what went well’ and our ‘happy hits’ of our day keeps us optimistic and hopeful; "give thanks in all circumstances" (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

This was a wonderful opportunity to come together to engage in these life lessons as a cohort, and it was fantastic to see students connecting in such a positive way. As their assessment schedule eases, it is hoped Year 9 will turn their focus towards implementing these strategies and build positive connections with each other and staff in the classroom and playground.

Year 9 Textiles

Year 9 manufactured a summer/spring-inspired robe from woven fabric this term.

They learned how to modify a commercial pattern and various construction techniques, including pockets and ties.
We are very proud of the robes and folios they produced. Well done, Year 9!

Upcoming Events and Assessment

Week 9

  • Tuesday June 25, Athletics Carnival
  • Wednesday June 26, Drama (IC) P3-4
  • Thursday June 27, Child Studies (HI)


Congratulations to the following students who have received a Silver Principal’s Award: Evie Bullen, Ayla Cross, Grace Dahlenburg, Frieda Dudfield, Xavier Dunn, Olly Henry, Sophie Kirkpatrick, Arliah Morris, Ally Newton, Caitlin Nottle, Alex Saunders & Daniel Zhong.

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Evie Bullen, Ethan Carey, Samantha Carr, Joe Caruso, Leeann Clint, Jack Cramp, Ayla Cross, Grace Dahlenburg, Frieda Dudfield, Xavier Dunn, Luca Giddins, Amarlie Gregory, Olly Henry, Jackson Hollis, Ellie Keast, Sophie Kirkpatrick, Charlie Long, Kealey Lucas, Poppi Maltman, Charley McGuigan, Arliah Morris, Oliver Munro, Ally Newton, Caitlin Nottle, Alex Saunders, Sierra Westbrook (x2), Stirling Wickham & Daniel Zhong.

Nicole O’Connell
Year 9 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 8


Congratulations to the following students who have received a Silver Principal’s Award: Samrina Adhikari, Kayla Bayer, Piper Brennan-Riley, Charlie Bryant, Tyler Dickson, Olivia Edmund, Talani Fuller, Indie Gardoll-Marjoribanks, Isabella Hawkins, Evelyn Hope, Tia Judge, Maxwell Karam, Dominic Mamo, Manni McGrath, Jake Riches, Addison Rolfe, Remi Rooney, Liam Ryals, Sophia Sivell, Tahlia Sutherland, Mark Temple, Tahlia Thompson, Nathaniel Walsh, Lachlan Walters & Georgia White.

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Samrina Adhikari, Evelyn Archibald, Grace Ashton, Annabelle Ashton, Liam Ayres, Kayla Bayer, Piper Brennan-Riley, Charlie Bryant, Sonnie Chippendale, Callum Clancy, Grace Collins, Ruby Comer, William Coombes, Ruby Cramp (x2), Harry Creighton, London Curtis, Tyler Dickson, Noah Dowd, Olivia Edmund, Bethany Folkes, Talani Fuller, Indie Gardoll-Marjoribanks, Lucy Giudicelli, Joshua Goldie, Evie Hall, Isabella Hawkins, Harrison Healey, Mia Hodge, Evelyn Hope, Kajus Horan Juzenas, James Hunt, Lucia Hurdle, Tia Judge, Maxwell Karam, Tobi Lawler, Shannon Lee Lusang, Dominic Mamo, Manni McGrath, Amelie Obeid, Eamon O'Sullivan, Jake Riches, Addison Rolfe, Remi Rooney, Liam Ryals, Oto Ryan, Jakob Schmidt, Tom Sharman, Tilly Sinclair, Sophia Sivell, Madison Sivell, Annalise Southwell, Tahlia Sutherland, Kalani Taylor, Mark Temple (x2), Tahlia Thompson (x2), Evie Thomson, Zoe Townsend (x2), Nathaniel Walsh, Lachlan Walters, Jaysen Wei & Georgia White.

Adam O'Brien
Year 8 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 7

Athletics Carnival

Our annual athletics carnival will be held next Tuesday, June 25. This is held on both the junior and senior ovals. Parents are most welcome at the carnival and encouraged to come along and support.

Extended PC

Last Wednesday, June 12, we had Mrs. Kable (Leader of Wellbeing—Social and Emotional Support) join Year 7 for a series of challenges and to participate in the Push-Up Challenge. The Push-Up Challenge is a free mental health and fitness event focused on pushing for better mental health for all Australians. Participants aim to complete 3,249 push-ups (or alternative exercises) over 24 days, representing the 3,249 lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022.

Year 7 participated in the Push-Up Challenge as a whole-year group and were then able to complete either a mental, physical, or creative challenge back in their PC groups. Congratulations to the following winners of these challenges:

Creative Challenge: Grace and Lilly (7M2)

Mental Challenge: Sophie, Torie, Olive, Anna, Shylah, and Hazel (7O3)

Physical Challenge: Brady (7M2), Ethan (7I1), Mikey (7F2), Olivia (7M1), Summer (7F1), and Connor (7I1)

Social Media

In recent weeks, we have had a number of issues arise as a result of inappropriate use of technology, in particular the use of social media. Year 7 students are still navigating and learning appropriate ways of communicating in the online environment. It is important that parents monitor and limit the use of screen time (including social media) for their children.

Safe on Social has a number of free resources regarding the use of social media for young people.

Find out more here:

Science Medallists

Congratulations to the 7 Science 3 Medalists for their 2nd topic. Great job!


Congratulations to the following students who have received a Silver Principal’s Award: Victoria Awad, Lydia Buttigieg, Liam Cox, Alice Eakin, Grace Gallery, Reuben Lucey, Antonia McEntyre, Xavier Morrison, Charlotte Pascua, Flynn Pociask, Chloe Robertson, Benjamin Ryan, Max Schneider, Braxton Sutherland, Olive Tait, Ethan Thompson, Charlie Treasure & Dhiya Varsani.

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Victoria Awad, Stephanie Banham, Harrison Bemmann, Patrick Blackman, Connor Budnick, Lydia Buttigieg, Mason Campbell, Grace Campbell, Liam Cox, Tahney Cross, Samuel Dicker, Sophie Donohoe, Indigo Duncan, Alice Eakin, William Ebbs, Salvador Fairley, Lainey Fenton, Grace Gallery, Maddox Hamlin, Nathan Keane, Zed Lewis, Reuben Lucey, Xavier Mat, Antonia McEntyre, Archie McKeough, Charlotte Miles, Keira Moore, Xavier Morrison, Billy Nelson, Charlotte Pascua, Levi Pees, Flynn Pociask, Chloe Robertson, Benjamin Ryan, Akshara Sanaw, Max Schneider, Nathaniel Sun Zhong, Braxton Sutherland, Olive Tait, Ethan Thompson, Madilyn Tinley, Charlie Treasure, Dhiya Varsani, Kyan Vonbun & Amelia Williams.

Ryan Adams
Year 7 Leader of Pastoral Care

Assistant Principal - Mission

Mary MacKillop Day (#MMD)

MacKillop College will celebrate the feast of our patron, Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, on Tuesday, August 20. The day will be a festival filled with fun, faith, friendship, and food. Our celebration will strive to embody her spirit of "finding happiness in making others happy." Additionally, the day serves as a fundraiser for communities less fortunate than our own. 

A number of Pastoral Care-led activities and events take place during the #MMD. Other features of this day include sporting competitions, performances from live bands, and DJs. Through support and participation in this college community event, we strengthen our college spirit and celebrate Mary MacKillop's legacy. This is a compulsory day that students are expected to attend from 8.45 a.m. to 3.10 p.m. The vast majority of students who participated in the 2022 Mary MacKillop Celebration Day rated this as their best whole school experience.

The #MMD is our major fundraiser for the year! The money raised will support individuals and organisations in need. Already, some funds have been earmarked to support our sister school, St. Thomas, in Lautoka, Fiji. We have also adopted a sister school in western New South Wales, St. Patrick’s Brewarinna. Beyond these developing and ongoing relationships, monies raised will be used to support the marginalised, less fortunate, and underprivileged, as identified throughout the year.

Journey into the Catholic Faith for Teens

Eight MacKillop students are currently participating in the Journey into Catholic Faith for Teens (JCFT) program. The students come together after school each week over a ten-week period.

Who is JCFT for?

  • Students who have received their sacraments but would like to understand more of their Catholic faith.
  • Students who have been baptised but not confirmed who would like to become full members of the Catholic Church.
  • Students who have received no sacraments and would like to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church.
  • Staff who would like to facilitate JCFT in the future.

Each JCFT session follows a similar format:

  • Afternoon Tea
  • Icebreaker/Grabber/Activity
  • Essential Content (with prompts to share from personal experience)
  • Prayer
  • Small Group Discussion and Reflection Questions
  • Editable Canva Presentation or PowerPoint
  • A summary to follow up with students who could not attend.

It is anticipated that, upon completion of the programme, most participants will receive their sacraments to become full members of the Catholic church. This will occur at the 5.00 pm Youth and Families Mass on July 28.

Refugee Week, June 16–22

At the end of 2023, there were 117 million people forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations, or events seriously disturbing public order. Australia’s response to the plight of refugees in recent decades has been far less than welcoming. During Refugee Week, we are reminded of our own history as new arrivals in a foreign land that we now call home. 

This prayer calls for a change of heart.

God of mercy, help me to remember:
My ancestors came across the seas!
Help me to keep in mind
Those who came long ago
And those who now come to our shores.

As I face you in prayer, God of Compassion,
I remember my country’s words:
Send them back or stop the boats.
Then i fear, not your anger
But the steady gaze of boundless love
And unlimited compassion
That compel me to hear Jesus’ command:
Love one another, as I have loved you
Or Pope Francis’ call to open our hearts
To a universal communion
Which excludes nothing and no one.

Daring to step into such relationship, I pray
For those forced to leave family,
Home and all they hold dear;
May they find safe passage and helping hands

I pray for an end to wars and oppression
That forced them to leave;
I pray that those who welcome them
Are blessed in abundance.

And with deep humility 
and a heart hungry for justice ,
I pray that we Australians, citizens and leaders
Open our eyes, our minds and our hearts
That we may see, understand and welcome

Our brothers and sisters.
May our change of heart penetrate to our beginnings
As strangers in this land.
May we allow those we displaced 
- the First People of this land - to welcome us.
Then knowing in humility, what it is to be welcomed, 
We will know how to welcome
The strangers who come to our shores.

This we ask in the name of Jesus your Son, 
In whom we are no longer strangers.


Peter Murphy
Assistant Principal - Mission


A celebration of the arts

Week 8 was a wonderful celebration of the many students involved in the creative and performing arts at MacKillop College. 

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the St Agnes’ Catholic Parish Schools and Creative Arts Nest A4 Art Awards.

Thursday, I received photos of Year 9 student Olivia Gridely receiving her award at NSW Parliament House as Runner-Up in the Year 9/10 division of the National Harmony Day poster competition; followed by an evening viewing the talents of our Year 11 Creative Arts students at the Night of Stars, and there were plenty of stars on show. 

Below is a sample of the wonderfully talented MacKillop College students and staff.

Congratulations to all the MacKillop students and staff who received Highly Commended Awards: Charley Kaddatz, Maxine Smith, Kayla Byer, Olivia Gridley, Paige Goldie, Cooper Beukers, Mia Bailey, Milly McGrath, Gabriella Domin, and Lorraine Cornell.

Harmony Day National Poster Competition 

Congratulations to Olivia Gridley, who received her runner-up award for the National Harmony Day poster competition.

Year 11 Night of Stars

Celebration of Excellence: Year 12 Class of 2024: Award Sponsorship

Another year is fast approaching its end for our 2024 HSC students, and we are preparing for their Celebration of Excellence, which is being held on September 25. This award ceremony acknowledges the effort, achievements, and contributions of our Year 12 Class of 2024. 

Students who have excelled in academic and cultural areas receive a trophy or gift voucher in recognition of their involvement and achievement in a particular area. Each award sponsorship is $50. An invoice can be provided, and sponsors are acknowledged on our official programme as well as in the college newsletter.

We would like to allow any businesses or families to sponsor one of the major awards given to our HSC students during this event, celebrating their many achievements.

Thank you to those families and businesses that have previously sponsored awards. Your ongoing support is invaluable to making the occasion memorable for all.

Please contact Jenna O'Brien at 6583 2632 or via if you are interested in award sponsorship.

Parent Partnership - Family Goal-Setting

Dr. Justin Coulson is a renowned supporter of parents. He has written nine books about families and parenting. 

In a recent article, Dr. Coulsen wrote about how valuable family goal-setting can be for creating shared ideals and bonding opportunities. I am sure all parents of teenagers can agree that this challenge gets more difficult during the teenage years. I thought many of you may be interested in his recent advice.

Dr. Coulson writes that three things will sustain success in family goal setting and system building:

  • Start from the bottom up.

Facilitate this through regular family meetings and asking questions like, “What’s going well? What needs improvement? What should be our focus?” 

By asking these questions, we empower children to contribute to family goal-setting.

  • Build a plan together.

There are two steps here. First, if you know you want more kindness (or, better, more regular holidays), ask “how” and make the plan as simple as possible.

Next, track progress. This must be non-punitive. It’s not a reward system. Rewards feel controlling. Instead, make the accountability easy and fun with regular check-ins. In our family, we have a weekly 15-minute family meeting to discuss progress, reassess plans, and stay aligned.

  • Focus on being together.

To a child, love is spelt T-I-M-E. Systems will be followed and goals achieved when children feel involved, connected, and engaged with you as you follow the plan or system. If the goal is to climb a mountain, training together will be more effective than training alone. If the goal is more fun as a family, time spent on bikes or playing board games will be more effective than time spent in bedrooms.

When children actively participate in goal setting and experience autonomy, involvement with you, and moments of success and achievement, motivation is high, systems succeed, and your family is more likely to achieve.

Author: Dr. Justin Coulson For further details, visit

Cath Eichmann

Music News

“To sing is to pray twice.” St Augustine

Co-Curricular Music Showcase

The annual co-curricular music showcase performance will be in the college theatre on Thursday, August 1, week 2, next term.

The matinée performance will take place during periods 3 and 4, and the evening performance will run from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm in the evening.

Please take note of this time and date. All MacKillop College music ensembles are expected to perform at this event. As such, it is appreciated if families can plan for this now.

In addition, please take note of the change to music performance uniform expectations outlined below.

Families are encouraged to contact ensemble directors BEFORE the end of this term if students are unable to attend to ensure that the performances can be presented effectively.

Thank you for your support of this special annual event.

The Friday Sing!

Sing with a mate, sing with your class, sing with your PC, sing at home, sing with family, sing to God, sing to relax, sing for fun, sing as prayer, or just listen for a little inspiration. Enjoy!

Trinity Song, Sarah McCracken

Remembrance, Brooke Ligertwood

Ensemble Rehearsal Timetable: Term 2

Concert BandMonday Day 1, 7.45am - 8.40amJ16 Music RoomCara Stewart
Pop ChoirTuesday, Day 2, 7.45am - 8.40am TheatreSam Adams
SAPSS Junior DrumlineTuesday, Day 2, 3.30pm - 5.30pmCollege HallMark Spence
Junior PercussionWednesday, Day 3, 7.45am - 8.40amJ16 Music RoomMark Spence
CollectiveWednesday, Day 3, 7.45am - 8.40amChapelRob Denham
SAPSS Senior DrumlineWednesday, Day 3, 3.30pm - 5.30pmCollege HallMark Spence
Senior PercussionThursday, Day 4, 7.45am - 8.40amJ16 Music RoomMark Spence
String EnsembleFriday, Day 5, 7.45am - 8.40amJ14 Music RoomMichaeli Witney

Uniform Expectations

Please note that all student performers at MacKillop, either soloists or ensembles, are no longer required to purchase a performing ensemble shirt. Students are to adhere to the uniform expectations outlined in the document attached below.

Music Performance Uniform Expectations Information Letter

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rob Denham (leader of co-curricular music).

Links & Forms

Music Ensemble Sign Up Form 2024

Music Tuition Request Form 2024

Instrument Rental Agreement 2024

Please contact Mr Denham with any questions relating to the co-curricular music program at MacKillop College.

Upcoming Events

Youth And Family Mass

(St Agnes Church) Week 9  - Sunday June 30, 4.30pm - 6.00pm, Staff Musicians

Pirates Rugby Sponsor Day Performance

(Stuarts Park) Week 1  - Saturday July 27, 1.30pm - 3.30pm (Junior & Senior Drumline)

Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival - Intensive Rehearsal #1

(Stuarts Park) Week 1  - Saturday July 27, 3.30pm - 6.00pm (Sapss Concert Band, Sapss Jazz Band)

Co Curricular Music Showcase - Matinee (Primary Schools Audience)

(Theatre) Week 2  - Thursday August 1, 12.00pm - 1.00pm (All Mackillop Ensembles - Except Senior Percussion)

Co Curricular Music Showcase - Evening Performance (Public Audience)

(Theatre) Week 2  - Thursday August 1, 6.00pm - 8.30pm (All Mackillop Ensembles)

Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival - Intensive Rehearsal #2

(Stuarts Park) Week 2  - Saturday August 3, 3.30pm - 7.00pm (Sapss Concert Band, Sapss Jazz Band)

Australian Percussion Eisteddfod (Drumline Section)

(Barker College Sydney) Week 2  - Saturday August 3 - Sunday August 4 (Junior & Senior Drumline, Colour Guard)

Youth And Family Mass

(St Agnes Church) Sunday August 4, 4.30pm - 6.00pm, Collective Praise Band & Singers

Assembly Performance 

(College Hall) Week 3  - Wednesday August 7, Period 1, Tbc

Please get in touch with Mr Denham with any questions relating to the co-curricular music program at MacKillop College.

Robert Denham
Leader of Co-Curricular Music


The Science of Kindness: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Be Kind

While the world changes around us and impacts our school life, it is essential to remind ourselves of two of the values that bind our school community: community and respect. These values are not just words; they are the foundation of our interactions, shaping a nurturing environment for all. One way to live these values and integrate them into our lives is to be kind. Today, we delve into the science of kindness and explore why now is the perfect time to embrace this powerful virtue.

The Science Behind Kindness

Kindness is more than just a moral directive; it has tangible benefits backed by science. Studies have shown that acts of kindness release oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the “love hormone.” Oxytocin not only makes us feel good but also lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves overall heart health. Additionally, engaging in kind behaviours triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance our mood and overall sense of wellbeing.

Moreover, kindness is contagious. Research demonstrates that when one person performs an act of kindness, it inspires others to act kindly as well. This ripple effect can transform an entire community, fostering a culture of mutual respect and support.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Be Kind

In challenging times, many of us may feel isolated, anxious, or overwhelmed. Acts of kindness can bridge the emotional distances created by physical separation. Whether it’s a simple smile, a thoughtful message, or helping a neighbour in need, these gestures have a profound impact on both the giver and the receiver.

Practicing kindness aligns seamlessly with our school values.

  • Community: Kindness strengthens our bonds, creating a supportive and cohesive school environment. When we act kindly, we contribute to a culture where everyone feels valued and connected.
  • Respect: Kindness embodies respect. It is through kind actions that we show consideration and appreciation for one another’s feelings and wellbeing. Respect and kindness go hand in hand, fostering an atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

How You Can Participate

We encourage all students and families to engage in acts of kindness. Here are a few simple ways to get started:

  • At Home: Share chores, listen actively to each other, and express gratitude for one another.
  • In school, offer help to classmates, show appreciation to teachers and staff, and include peers in activities.
  • In the Community: Volunteer for local causes, support local businesses, and engage in community projects.

A Call to Action

Let us all make a conscious effort to incorporate more kindness into our daily lives. By doing so, we not only enhance our own wellbeing but also strengthen the fabric of our school community. Remember, every small act of kindness counts and contributes to a larger impact.

Together, let’s create a kinder, more compassionate world, one act at a time.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa Kable
Leader of Wellbeing: Social and Emotional Support

Community News

All parents are warmly invited to attend the upcoming Parent Assembly Conference to be held on June 15 at Opal Cove where we'll delve into the theme "Your Child Our Schools: Nurturing Hearts and Minds."

Discover valuable insights and strategies to support your child's holistic development. Register soon as places fill quickly.

Homework Hub

Sport News





Term 3 Elective Sport Years 9 and 10

Students in Years 9 and 10 will choose their elective sport choices for Term 3 during Week 9.

The survey will open on Monday, 24 June at 8.45am and close on Thursday, 27 June at 3.00pm. These selections are made on a first-come, first-served basis, with numbers capped for sports based on venue requirements and staffing ratios. Students are reminded to choose their four preferences carefully, as changes cannot be made after selections take place. 

Athletics Carnival 

Our annual college athletics carnival is on Tuesday, June 25. This carnival is a compulsory day for all students in Years 7–12 and is a real highlight of our sporting calendar. It is an opportunity for students to embrace their house spirit by dressing up in house colours and getting involved in all events, whether they be competitive or novelty events. 

If students are unable to participate due to injury or illness, a note outlining this needs to be handed to Mrs. Denham. Often, these students can still positively enjoy the carnival by offering assistance at the events.

We welcome all parents and guardians of our students to come along and support their children at this event, and we also welcome any parents that can give any assistance on the day. Please email Erin Denham if you are able to assist:






House Captains

Willis Jensen

Flynn Burrage

Lane Jordan

Audrey Blake

House Captains

Jesse Fisher

Grace Davies

Tehya Nash

Tara Mitchell

2023 Athletics Carnival


Athletics Carnival BBQ will be available for $3.00. Sausage sandwiches and soft drinks $2.50 other treats from 50c. Also on QKR, there is a meal deal available for $5, which is a sausage sandwich and a soft drink. Please order online but pick up from outside the Lochinvar Centre.

Representative Sport Reports

NSWCCC Hockey Selection Trials

Congratulations to Xavier Dare, Lily Rowlatt, Chloe Chilko, and Tobias Toohey, who recently trialled at the NSWCCC Hockey Selection Trials for their respective divisions. Travelling to Bathurst to trial is a huge commitment. 

Congratulations to Tobias Toohey, who has made the Open Boys NSWCCC Hockey team for consecutive years. All the best, Tobias, as you represent the NSWCCC. 

Bill Turner Girls Round 3 vs. SCAS

Our MacKillop College Bill Turner Football (Soccer) team hosted St. Columba Anglican College in Round three of the Bill Turner Trophy statewide knockout competition.

Due to injury and illness, the team's line-up was quite different from round two. Thankfully, our shadows have been turning up to training and seamlessly filling the gaps, not missing a beat. The opening exchange was fairly even until Freya Briggs scored 10 minutes into the game to take a 1-1 lead.

The game was played end-to-end, with Maya Perry reading the play well from the back, making important saves, and keeping the opposition to nil at halftime. Maya was again well supported by our reliable backline, a.k.a. ‘the wall’. Freya Briggs, Ziva Balkin, Daisy Pees, Frieda Dudfield, Amarlie Gregory, and Lenni Gosling worked well to defend at the back, setting the platform for several attacking raids.

Our midfield players (Hannah Gresswell, Nyah Villagran-Eichmann, Kaylie Dawson, and Hannah Ryan) were given plenty of space to play their smooth passing game, tiring the opposition and often sending through balls for Gracie Huxley, Arliah Morris, Sienna Button, Poppi Maltman, and Charlotte Taylor to take advantage and pepper the opposition goalie with several goal attempts. Charlotte scored shortly before halftime, giving the girls a convincing 2-0 lead.

SCAS, to their credit, were able to defend many shots on goal and capitalised with a goal early in the second half, taking the game to 2-1 in favour of MacKillop. With a strong bench, we could move a few positions around, with Arliah Morris moving into the striker position. Arliah was quick to capitalise with a deft touch, beating the keeper to take the game to a commanding 3-1 lead, where the scoreline stayed until the final whistle. 

A special mention goes to Lenni for making an effort to play despite getting off the PASS bus at midnight the night before. Also, to our officials, Rodney Dobbins, Blaze Colthorpe, Sebastian De Somma, Lucas Merrick, Lucas Boath, and Jack Robb. 

The Most Valuable Player award was given to Freya Briggs, who showed great skill and control in our backline and found the back of the net to open the scoring. Well done, Freya.

The girls were always in control and played to their strengths. As always, they are a pleasure to coach, and we look forward to round 4. My sincere thanks to our shadows, who were able to step in and play with great confidence. 

Erin Denham

U14s Cochrane Cup 

This was our first hit of the year, and we came up against St. Joseph's Regional College first. This is always a great hit, with many students club football with their current rivals. Unfortunately, we lost this game 12–10 but showed great spirit and determination.

Our next opponent was St. Paul’s Kempsey, whom we were convincingly beating, but we let them back into the game in the second half but still won. MVP - Rocky Mann

Glen Littler

U18’s Phil Tobin Shield

Well done to the senior boys and year 10s that played up in age so we could field a team. The boys started well with a win over JPC but unfortunately couldn’t compete with Newman due to injuries. MVP - Will Saunders

MacKenzie Murray

Basketball NSW Open’s Championships 

The Open Boys Basketball team recently competed at the Coffs Harbour round of the Basketball NSW Schools Tournament.

The boys started strongly, defeating Bishop Druitt College-Coffs Harbour (41-25). Second up was McCarthy Catholic College in Tamworth. McCarthy played strongly to beat our boys (49-43). The team finished their last pool game with a win against Ballina Coast High School (60-43). 

This left a rematch against McCarthy Catholic College in the final. The boys started the game with a renewed defensive energy that continued throughout. Ultimately, MacKillop's team was too strong, defeating McCarthy (45-19).

This qualifies the team for the final series in Penrith in Week 9. MVP - Sam Blain

Ryan Adams

NSWCCC Cross Country

On Wednesday, Week 6, a select few students represented the Diocese of Lismore at the Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) Cross Country held at the Sydney Equestrian Centre. Despite the chilly weather, our superstar runners gave their all on a tough course consisting of muddy hills, sand, and even pieces of show-jumping equipment. A drone followed the runners, allowing the event to be live-streamed. The final sprint had students entering the stadium, where crowds cheered their names as they came up the finishing tunnel. It was a well-organised event with plenty of success. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Indigo Duncan, 7th place
  • Freycin Hostettler, 9th place
  • Oto Ryan, 10th place
  • Noah Pociask, 10th place
  • Claire Pieren, 20th place
  • Lily Taylor, 28th place
  • Johnny Davidson, 49th place

MVP - Indigo Duncan

Erinn Smith

11/12 Mixed Touch Football

After three rounds of games, the MacKillop mixed team progressed to the Grand Final. The team was up against an experienced Newman Senior Technical College. After a draw in the round of 16, it would be a great final.

The speed of Archie Kay and Eddie Coombes was testing the Newman defence. Some eyes-up footy enabled Jimmy Strahorn to sweep and score, giving MacKillop a 1-nil lead. Newman College equalised soon after.

Newman College was testing the MacKillop wingers in defence. The experience of Ruby Bryant and Jenna Bryan held them out for quite some time. It was in the last 2 minutes that a runaway try was scored by Newman College, who were the eventual winners over MacKillop 2-1. MVP - Eddie Coombes

Anna Gleeson

Representative Sport and Upcoming Events

MacKillop College Events and Registration

All registrations for MacKillop College sports teams are completed by students by logging into the school Moodle page. Go to the Student Links tab on the left-hand side and click on the Representative Sports Registrations link. Click on the relevant sport and fill out the Google form.

Students will be notified through the morning notices of when to sign up and when trials will occur.

The following sports are open to all boys and girls in each sport to register for trials:

  • Junior and Intermediate Boys and Girls Basketball

Log in to Moodle. Scroll to the student links on the left-hand side. Click on the Representative Sport link to register. Please read the daily notices over the next week for trial dates and times. 

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Denham. 

Click on this link to register: MacKillop College Representative Sport Registration Link. 





Basketball NSW Finals: Penrith 

24-26 June



25 June

Rugby League

Cochrane Cup U14 Rugby League Regional Final

25 June

Touch Football

NSW All Schools 7 and 8 Touch Football 

26 June

Football (Soccer)

Open Girls Soccer vs. Armidale 

26 June

Touch Football

NSW All Schools 9 & 10 Touch Football 

27 June


Fast 5 Netball 

28 June

NSWCCC & NSW All Schools Events and Registration


All individual sports registrations are completed on the CSNSW.SPORT website. The parent must have an account and add their child to have access. (Sport Registration HELP available on sport info page) SEE BELOW sports open for registration.

For further information, go to the CSNSW Sport website Sport pages.

Students MUST be registered for the event with parent and Principal or Leader of Sport approval.

Registration is through the portal. Details on how to register – Guide For Parents – Sport Registrations >>

Please note all close dates are firm dates. No registrations will be permitted after the close dates.



Date of event

Rugby League

Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League

29 May- 5 July 

Community Sport

Rugby Union Country Championships

Congratulations to the many students who represented either U16 Axemen or Two Blues Parramatta at the recent Rugby Union Country Championships held in Coffs Harbour. The U16 Axemen (Luke Jones) came away with the Country Championships trophy two years in a row. The Parramatta team (Jack Healy, Sam Ayton, Sam Young, and Darwin Tink) missed the State Championship Plate. 

We had Ryan Hancock, Archie Kay, Will Saunders, Bailey Pawlak, and Jimmy Strahorn in the under-18 boys. 

Pete Field represented the Under-14 team. 

London Curtis, Shannon Lusang, and Frankie Healey represented the Axemen in the Under 14 Girls and Autumn Curtis in the Under 16 Girls. 

Seeing so many of our boys and girls represented on these teams is great. Well done.

Ziva Balkin

As an identified talented player within Northern NSW Football’s Talented Player Pathway, Ziva was recently invited to participate in a trial for the 2024 Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) National Youth Championships Under 15s Girls squad.

The National Youth Championships are the flagship youth event in the Australian football calendar. Teams from Football Australia's nine State and Territory Member Federations compete to claim the national title. The event is also an opportunity to impress the attending national team technical staff. Embedded within Football Australia's talent identification scheme, the National Youth Championships are a crucial stepping stone for young players.

Congratulations, Ziva. It is great to see your exceptional skill and passion recognised.

If your child has achieved outstanding sporting results in their community sport, we would love to hear about it. Please email myself, or your child’s respective Leader of Pastoral Care, so we can acknowledge these achievements.  

If you have any questions regarding sport at MacKillop College, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or phone at the College.


2024 Science & Engineering Challenge

31 students travelled to Melville High School on Wednesday of Week 3 to compete in the Science and Engineering Challenge, a national competition organised by the University of Newcastle that encourages and fosters creative, collaborative solutions to problems relating to electrical, mechanical, and computational engineering, as well as scientific processes. Students competed against schools from across the region in teams of 3–4 students, completing a variety of challenges, including:

  • Flight: design and build a balsa glider to travel a substantial distance, land on a specific landing zone, and hit a target (launched using the YEET - YOLO Electronic Ejection Technique).
  • ElectraCITY - provide electricity to as much of the city’s infrastructure as possible at the lowest possible cost, hopefully making a profit.
  • Confounding Communications: design efficient codes to send messages along fibre optic rods using only pulses of coloured light.
  • Fish Traps: build structures using 3D-printed rocks and sticks to catch specific types and amounts of fish (marbles) as they swim along the river.
  • Helter Skelter: Build two tall and strong towers (the second tower must also be resistant to shaking).
  • Job Juggle: Complete and optimise as many schedules as possible.
  • Wind Turbine: design and build a model wind turbine (including a tail) that will generate the greatest amount of speed and power as wind from a fan pushes the blades.
  • Bridge: build a light and strong model bridge to carry ‘gold’ ingots from one side of the test rig to the other.

Throughout the day, students were extremely focused on the task at hand, demonstrating teamwork and reflective problem-solving skills, and adhering to strict deadlines to complete each activity. Our teams performed extremely well across each activity, notably on the new activities that we introduced to the Challenge this year (flight, fish traps, and wind turbine), taking out wins in a number of activities in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

At the conclusion of the bridge testing, we finished in 2nd place, narrowly behind St. Columba. We are hoping for a wildcard entry to the State Finals in Newcastle later this year, given that our students go to this event and are required to think on their feet throughout the day with no preparation, and our results in the new activities show the higher-order thinking skills our students possess.

Congratulations to all our students who competed on the day: Bridie Baird, Mitchell Yates

Bella Riches, Charlotte Memmott, Cameron Bullock, Cooper Beukers, Marcellus Skea, Jaesan Edmund, Olivia Blake, Catalina Toth, Megan Goldie, Kiara Tattersall, Alexandra Bransdon, Hannah Vinter-Forth, Abbie Brennan, Tori McGrath, Luke Westman, Luke Everson, Lucas Morris, Olivia Gridley, Zoe Mizzi, Pip Eakin, Paige Goldie, Sarah Gleeson, Evie Bullen, Matilda Elford, Joshua Freeman, Owen Hilkemeijer, Anna Harmer, Maggie McKenzie, Emma McNaught.

Michael Peck

2024 Science & Engineering Challenge

Da Vinci Decathalon

Years 7 & 8 Teams

On Wednesday, May 15, 23 MacKillop College students from years 7 & 8 travelled to St. Columba Anglican School, Port Macquarie, for the Mid-North Coast Regional Da Vinci Decathlon. Throughout the day, students worked collaboratively to solve various challenges across a range of academic disciplines, including science, creative producers, English, ideation, mathematics, engineering, art and poetry, cartography, code-breaking, and legacy. 

Twenty-five teams from schools across the Mid-North Coast were in attendance on the day, and our students performed admirably. Our Year 8 team placed second overall, which is outstanding! They placed first in Creative Producers, Engineering, and Code Breaking, second in Legacy, and third in English, art/poetry, and mathematics.

Our Year 7 team placed third overall. They came in first place in mathematics and third in cartography and ideation.

All of our students displayed exemplary behaviour and represented our school community with distinction. Congratulations to Grace Ashton, Annabelle Ashton, Maja Baker, Stephanie Banham, Kayla Bayer, Angus Browning, Judd Charet, Erika Collins-Jones, William Ebbs, Salvador Fairley, Milla Kelly, Jemma Kowalewski, Bethany Martin, Charlotte Miles, Kavi Mohan, Alira O'Brien, Felix Plowright, Flynn Pociask, Ranuki Ranasinghe, Benjamin Ryan, Nate Walsh, Jaysen Wei, and Lincoln Wells.

2024 Da Vinci Decathalon

Showing images 1 - 8 of 12

Years 9 & 10 Teams

MacKillop College had 46 students from years 9 and 10 who travelled to St. Columba Anglican School.

Thirty-six teams from schools across the Mid-North Coast were in attendance on the day, and our students performed admirably. Our Year 11 all-girls team took first place by over 400 points, an outstanding result. This winning team came in first place in three sections: science, creative producers, and English; they came in second in ideation, art and poetry, and ideation.

All of our students displayed exemplary behaviour and represented our school community with distinction. Congratulations to Aidan Archer, Macey Arkinstall, Ziva Balkin, Olivia Blake, Alex Bransdon, Abbie Brennan, Adam Bryant, Sophie Bryant, Evie Bullen, Samantha Carlton, Sam Carr, Pip Eakin, Luke Everson, Sophie Folkes, Miya Freeman, Sarah Gleeson, Katie Godden, Ben Goldie, Megan Goldie, Paige Goldie, Olivia Gridley, Anna Harmer, Sophie Horan-Juzenas, Ava Hughes, Judson Insall, Dylan Keane, Isabelle Lucey, Olivia McGahon, Milly McGrath, Tori McGrath, Charlotte Memmott, Jamali Middlebrook, Lucas Morris, Rachel Nichols, Angelina Mifsud-Scriven, Claire Pieren, Liam Poppleton, Bella Riches, Max Robb, Lincoln Saunders, Ben Spencer, Kiara Tattersall, Marley Thick, Luke Westman, and George Warner.

A special mention goes to Mrs. Ryals and Mrs. Domin, who assisted all the teams on the day.

Year 12


Congratulations to the following students who received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Archie Kay, Harmony Mitchell & Andrew Yates.

Bruce Smith
Year 12 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 11

It is in giving that we receive

I wanted to pass on the sincere thanks of St. Agnes' Parish staff for the generous donations provided by Year 11 students for Our Place that were collected last week. Year 11 got behind this initiative off the back of our prayer service in Week 3, and they should know that everything they can give is enormously appreciated by those who need it most. We're really lucky to be able to be part of such an initiative; through our giving, we get the opportunity to be thankful for everything we are blessed with in our lives.

My Sincere Thanks

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my thanks to Year 11 students and families for their kindness as I conclude my time as Leader of Pastoral Care in Dan O'Dell's absence. It has been a real privilege to work with such wonderful young people and their families over the last six weeks. Thank you for the opportunity to walk beside you, and I wish you all the best.


Congratulations to the following students who received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Alexander Ball & Tyler Morris.

Michael Peck
Acting Year 11 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 10

We are reaching the end of a busy period filled with assessment tasks, and we commend our students for their dedication and hard work. A reminder that in the case of absence, a catch-up exam period may be logged on Compass in Period 1 of the day upon return. 

While this intense phase concludes, it's crucial for our students to maintain their active engagement in every lesson and every day of learning. Each class presents an opportunity to grow and excel further. In addition to this, it is crucial that we maintain the Code of Presentation, with jewellery for girls and hairstyles for boys being areas that can be improved.

This week has been particularly eventful for our PASS students. They have begun coaching Year 6 groups, fostering a collaborative spirit through our partnership with St. Peter's. Additionally, their trip to Sydney provided a deep dive into various issues in sport, enriching their learning experience beyond the classroom. I will ensure that there are some photos included in the next newsletter.

We also invite you to support our community initiatives. Please get behind the Vinnies Winter Woollies appeal to help those in need. Moreover, we encourage everyone to participate in the Push Up Challenge to promote mental health awareness.

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • Monday, June 10: King's Birthday Public Holiday
  • Tuesday June 11– Friday June 14: A4 Art Nest Gallery
  • Friday, June 14: Year 10 Textiles Workshop


Congratulations to the following students who receive a Silver Principal’s Award: Hailie Attwells, Marli Connerty, Lane Jordan, Ruby Menin & Sienna Spicer.

Congratulations to the following students who received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Hailie Attwells, Sam Ayton, Summer Bink, Alexander Clapoudis, Marli Connerty, Amelia Dowd, Matthew Firkin, Lucy Geary, Harrison Gray, Lane Jordan, Charlee Lawlor, Cruz Lewis, Zachary Madeley, Emma McNaught, Ruby Menin, Angus Oakeshott, Mia Perkins, Jake Ryan, Oliver Shuttleworth & Sienna Spicer.

Tom Salter
Year 10 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 9

On our Staff Proclaim Day, we engaged with our keynote speaker, Dr. Maeve Louise Heaney, a consecrated religious of the Verbum Dei Community and the head of theology at Australian Catholic University. Her rendition of Paul Kelly’s “Meet Me in the Middle of the Air,” which draws inspiration from Psalm 23, especially resonated with me as a Catholic educator, Leader of Pastoral Care of Year 9, and parent. As a significant adult in a 14–15 year old’s life, I am called to invite them into caring conversations, listen to them, discern their needs, and respond to the challenges they face with meaningful answers grounded in Catholic core values, “Because thought changes their world, albeit slowly and from within." 

Although it can sometimes be tricky to engage in conversation with a young person in Year 9, I am heartened that I work in partnership with their teachers and parents so they know they are surrounded by a support team who are invested in guiding them to become the best version of themselves—actioning our core values of love, faith, community, and compassion. 

In terms of peer relationships, some individuals are navigating changing relationships with their peers. An article that offers advice for parents to aid caring conversations with their young person about what healthy relationships look like and how to sustain healthy relationships may be accessed here

In every meeting with Year 9, ever present is our God of Love and Hope, with whom we invite each Year 9 ‘to meet with’ at our Mass next Wednesday, June 12, at St. Agnes Church at 9.15am, followed by a morning tea with parents and grandparents. Students are required to wear their full white uniform to Mass (as we dress up for any special occasion). Students may bring sport clothes and change at school if they have a practical lesson for sport. 

Furthermore, next Friday, we will meet with Year 9 for our single-day retreat: Connect and Belong in the College Hall. This retreat will be facilitated by leaders from “Unleashing Personal Potential” and Year 9 Religion class teachers.

This retreat day is designed to offer students the opportunity to explore what it means to connect and belong. It also endeavours to help all students authentically access the messages of connection, faith, belonging, gratitude, scripture, forgiveness, fun, and relationship.

This is a variation in routine from a normal school day, and all students are expected to attend. 

Students are required to wear their full sports uniform for comfort and bring their usual lunch, snacks, and pencil case. No device is necessary on this day.

I look forward to walking with our great young people in these events that invite God and each other to closer, positive connections.

Week 7 

  • Monday, June 10, King’s Birthday
  • Wednesday, June 12, Year 9 Mass
  • Thursday, June 13, Dance (IC)
  • Friday, June 14, Year 9 Connect & Belong Day

Week 8 

  • Monday, June 17, Music (IC) P1, Commerce (HI) P 3

Week 9          

  • Tuesday, June 25, Athletics Carnival
  • Wednesday, June 26, Drama (IC) P3-4
  • Thursday, June 27, Child Studies (HI)


Congratulations to the following students who have received a Silver Principal’s Award: Scarlet Brooke, Charlie Cameron, James Cockshutt, Dasha Cressida Bayot, Saoirse Crinion, Preston Davis, Anna Harmer, Caitlyn Hucker, Rhys Kendal, Ewan McAllister, Alyssa McNamara, Lily Moseley, Ruby Napier, Keegan Pope, Hayley Rickard, Mylee Roach, Bailey Rowlatt, Lacey Ryan, Aiden Scarff, Ashleigh Strong & Jude Vasilescu.

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Billy Brockhouse, Scarlet Brooke, Oliver Cairns, Charlie Cameron, Max Choi, James Cockshutt, Blaze Colthorpe, Toreno Crepaz, Dasha Cressida Bayot, Saoirse Crinion, Preston Davis, Louis Dimmers, Natalie Ertl, Logan Evans, Ruby Friend, Sarah Gleeson, Jesse Gluyas, Rafferty Gordon, Quinn Hancock, Leah Hanson, Anna Harmer, Riley Harris, Owen Hilkemeijer, Camille Hostettler, Caitlyn Hucker, Dylan Keane, Rhys Kendal (x2), Annabelle Kerr, Lucas Maher, Ewan McAllister, Rocco McCallum, Alyssa McNamara, Declan McWhirter, Jessica Moore, Lily Moseley, Ruby Napier, Ella  Oliver, Vilius Philp, Milla Pieren, Milly Platt, Keegan Pope, Charlie Power, Hayley Rickard, Mylee Roach, Reese Rosenbaum, Bailey Rowlatt, Lacey Ryan, Aiden Scarff, Bailey Speechly, Archie Spitzer, Ashleigh Strong, Jude Vasilescu, Nyah Villagran-Eichmann, Luke Westman, William Whicker & Henry Wootton.

Nicole O’Connell
Year 9 Leader of Pastoral Care