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Our Mission

“Enabling every student to achieve the fullness of life.”

Our Vision

“MacKillop College will be a place that nurtures authentic, courageous, faith-filled people with a passion for learning, respect for relationships and an ability to contribute to a global community.”

Dementia Awareness

September is Dementia Awareness Month

As dementia awareness month draws to a close, here are 7 tips to follow if you want your community to be more inclusive of people living with dementia:

Tip 1 - Raise your awareness
Tip 2 - Include, encourage, empower
Tip 3 - Listen with your heart
Tip 4 - Create moments of joy
Tip 5 - Make your environment dementia-friendly
Tip 6 - Look out for people in your community
Tip 7 -Share the knowledge

Canteen Update

Monday 10 October
Nicole Galea & Vanessa Aird

Tuesday 11 October
Chris Pees & Emily Duffy

Wednesday 12 October
Danielle Sen Gupta & Roz Brockhurst

Thursday 13 October
Heather Sheers & Chris Jourdant

Friday 14 October
Allie Tomanti & Caroline Horan

Monday 17 October
Chris Pees, Amanda Lorger & Trish Carr

Tuesday 18 October
Vanessa Wilson, Sandy Green & Louise Moore

Wednesday 19 October
Judy Ryan, Bec Eakin & Sarah Dahlenburg

Thursday 20 October
Hannah Temple & Verena Grandy

Friday 21 October
Jane Keegan, Sam Harrison & HELP PLEASE

Due to significant price increases from suppliers over the last six months, we have had to increase our prices on some items. Please see the price list attached below for current pricing.

To order from the canteen:

1. Orders can be written out at the canteen (bags supplied free of charge).

2. Orders can be written out at home and handed in at the canteen.

3. Download the Qkr! app and order on line.

All orders to be in by 8:00am please.

Please remind your child/children if you have ordered for them, and what their order is. 

If your child is sick and you have ordered, please phone the canteen (6583 2632) to arrange a credit. 

Please note to change your child's year group when using the QKR! app to order lunch for 2022.

Now available: Gluten free pies $5.00 and gluten free sausage rolls $4.00; these items must be ordered.

Canteen Help Needed

We are in need of some parent assistance for canteen. For more information and requirements on volunteering in the Canteen, or if you are able to volunteer, please follow this link

Year 7 Immunisations

Area Health Immunisations – Monday 17 November, 2022.

A reminder to all parents and carers of Year 7 students that North Coast Area Health Service will hold an Immunisation Clinic at MacKillop College on Monday, 17 October as follows: 

All Year 7 students -  HPV dose 2 Prior consent has been given for immunisations.

Any Year 7 student who has returned their consent form and who missed their Boostrix and HPV dose 1 at the clinic in March, 2022 may attend for these immunisations. These students will then receive their HPV dose 2 at the Year 7, 2023 Immunisation Day.

Year 8 students who may have missed HPV Dose 2 in 2021.

Year 10 students who may have missed their Meningococcal vaccine in May, 2022.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a minimum dosing interval of 7 days between any routine school vaccinations (HPV, dTpa and Meningococcal ACWY) and any dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

All students to receive immunisation are asked to wear their sport uniform for ease of administering the immunisation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kylie Wood at the Public Health Unit on 0429 046 229. A record of immunisation will be kept by the Area Health Service and a copy will be provided to the vaccinated student for their records on the day. No records in relation to immunisations are kept at MacKillop College.

Textiles Update

This term, Year 10 Textiles Technology students have created some furnishing items using quilting techniques. Students learnt about the history of quilting and patchwork before learning some patchwork techniques. Many students added quilting to their project using the specialised "Sweet 16" quilting machine which we are lucky enough to have in our textiles department. Students' projects ranged from quilts to cushions and wall-hangings. Well done to Year 10 Textiles who have shown fantastic dedication to this unit.


Bullying and Restorative Practices

It would be naive to suggest that bullying does not exist at MacKillop College. But it would be aspirational to suggest that MacKillop College can be a bullying free school.

The ‘B’ word.  It’s out there.  And now that it’s out there, it’s important that you know three things about bullying:

  • we are working hard to establish and sustain a school culture where bullying finds it very difficult to thrive;
  • we’re ready with a consistent process for dealing with bullying when it does come along; and
  • our Partnership with Adam Voigt at Real Schools is designed to ensure that our restorative practices work covers off on both point 1 and point 2 above.

Primarily, we choose restorative practices to deal with bullying because the research (conducted by the University of London in 2012) clearly states that schools with the lowest rates of bullying have a ‘restorative ethos and culture’.  We’re determined to do what works for your kids at MacKillop College.

The best way to tell if a bullying situation is going on is to ask three questions:

  • Is it harmful? If the behaviour isn’t doing any harm, then it’s likely that the person delivering the behaviour is merely wasting their time on a strong and resilient fellow student who can handle it themselves.
  • Is it about power? Bullying is always about one or more people feeling more powerful or putting down one or more other people.
  • Is it repeated? Bullying is a relentless behaviour, rather than a one-off incident, a terrible choice or an altercation.

When bullying is identified, we encourage all parents to come in and let us know.  If you’ve spoken to your child and found a “three out of three’ situation is going on, then we certainly want to hear from you so we can help makes things better. 

It can even be useful to book a meeting with your relevant PC teacher or Leader of Pastoral Care as soon as you can and bring your child along too so that we can fully understand what we’re dealing with. 

And while this may sound strange, but the same applies if you discover that your child has been the perpetrator of bullying behaviour. All kids make mistakes and we provide a supportive environment for all kids to find better ways to learn, achieve and behave.

If you’d like to know more about bullying, restorative practices or what it means at our school, feel free to get in contact.

Warren Lorger
Leader of Wellbeing – Behaviour Support


Ecumenical Soup Kitchen 

Throughout Term 3 students from our Year 10 ministry class has been spending time before school each Tuesday, helping in the set up of the Ecumenical Soup Kitchen, held at the Masonic Hall in Burrawan Street. The Soup Kitchen serves people from the Port Macquarie area who are struggling with homelessness or looking for support and company. Each week the group prepares a solid meal and dessert for those who are looking for assistance, as well as offering other supplies and some clothes to assist them.

Our students have been assisting in buttering bread, setting up tables and the preparation of food, in readiness for the arrival of the ‘friends’ who are served during this ministry.

SAPSS Vinnies Sleep Out 

On Friday 26 - Saturday 27 August, MacKillop College students joined with St Joseph’s Regional College students to experience the annual Vinnies Sleep Out which was held at St Joseph’s Regional College this year. The YMO’s from MacKillop and Regional worked well together to create a fun, energetic and informative night for those students who were happy to brave the cold and enjoy a simple evening meal of soup and day-old bread.

The YMO’s had arranged a fun program where students completed different group challenges which culminated in a cardboard fort building challenge using cardboard boxes that some of the students slept on. 

The games and activities were designed to explore the concept of homelessness in Australia.

We were all mindful of our warm clothes and sleeping bags as we slept protected from the very blustery night outside, and were thankful for the pieces of fruit donated by Kenny Little's for a morning snack before all heading on our own way by 7:30am Saturday morning.

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Festa Christi is a gathering for selected Year 8 students from parish secondary schools in the north of the Diocese to celebrate their faith at a Diocesan level.

The two-day retreat experience involves activities that focus on ‘walking in another person’s shoes’, having the students overcoming their fears and gaining a greater awareness of social justice. Festa Christi allows time for prayer and reflection and concludes with the celebration of the Eucharist. The program has been geared to meet the needs of Year 8 students.

The gathering will be an overnight experience which will allow relationships to be built with other students from throughout the Diocese, as well as a chance for students to talk and share about their faith journey.

What: Festa Christi – a youth gathering for students from every parish school in the northern region of the Diocese.

When: Thursday 10 – Friday 11 November, 2022

Where: Coffs Coast Adventure Centre, Bonville

Cost: Nil. All transport, food and accommodation expenses will be met by the Catholic Schools Office

In discerning which students might participate in this retreat experience, the CSO has recommended the following guidelines:

  • Faith filled and eager to share the love of Jesus and regularly attend their parish Mass
  • Are involved in some other form of church participation either at school or in the parish (for example Vinnies conference, altar serving)
  • Students who are interested and willing to learn more about the Christian faith and to grow in this area

A large number of MacKillop students have already expressed an interest in this event. We can, however, only offer a limited number of places. 

Any student who would like to be considered is asked to write a brief statement supporting their nomination on the information sheets provided in the morning notices. 

Principals Update

Congratulations Year 12 2022

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of addressing and farewelling Year 12 students as they graduated from MacKillop College. 

For the first time in three years we were able to join with parents and the whole college community to celebrate their 13 years of schooling. 

The day began with a beautiful Mass with Year 12 students, families and Year 11 students followed by a lovely morning tea, a Guard of Honour formed by all staff and students in Year 7-11 and then our Celebration of Excellence where each Year 12 was presented with their graduation folio. 

We also presented our Major Awards to the Graduating Class of 2022. Congratulations to the following students who received major awards:

Olivia Nichols          St Agnes’ Catholic Parish Youth Award 

Olivia Nichols          Creative Arts Person of the Year

Daniel Maxwell        MacKillop College Community Service Award

Maddison McGrath MacKillop College Community Service Award

Alice Barnaby          Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop Award

Charlotte Carrick     MacKillop College Academic Endeavour Award

Noah Darrington    MacKillop College Academic Endeavour Award

Cameron Aird         MacKillop College Quiet Achiever 

Ruby Berryman       MacKillop College Quiet Achiever 

Hudson Harmer      School Spirit Award

Phoebe Minogue    School Spirit Award

Olivia Nichols     Australian Defence Forces Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award

Dominica Toohey   MacKillop College Student of the Year                                    

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College Student Leaders 2022-2023

Wednesday also saw the announcement of the 2022-2023 College Captains and Vice-Captains. Congratulations to Lennox Jensen, Fleur Sherlock, Tess McWilliams and Elliot Worner.

I am confident they will lead the students of MacKillop College with pride and commitment over the next 12 months. 

HSC Major Works

Congratulations to Year 12 Textiles students who worked hard to create some creative and innovative pieces for their Major Textiles Projects. The students explored concepts which were of interest to them and looked at historical, cultural and contemporary sources of inspiration to develop their ideas. The students used a variety of textile techniques including dyeing, embroidery, applique, marbling, laser cutting/etching, digitally printed fabrics, latch hooking, LED textiles and many more. Well done to these students. 

OnStage Nomination

OnStage is a selection of performances and individual projects from HSC Drama students and will be held at the Seymour Centre in February 2023. Congratulations to Nicholas Bridle for being nominated.

Enrolments 2023

If any family with students in Years 7, 8 or 9 is aware you will be leaving MacKillop College at the end of 2023 could you please notify the College Office. 

Term 4

Term 4 commences on Monday, 10 October for staff and students. Students and parents are reminded to please ensure you meet the Code of Presentation. Skirt lengths, haircuts and shoes are particularly important as these are often areas that need addressing over the holidays. It is expected shoes remain compliant right up until the end of Term 4. 

Holiday Blessings

I wish all students, staff and families a restful and enjoyable break and look forward to sharing our final term for 2022 with you after the holidays. 

Cath Eichmann

Year 9


Congratulations to the following students who has received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Matilda Creighton, Matilda Jones, Emily Kirkpatrick, Eva Philip, Sophia Speers, Layla Stewart and Alexander Toth.

As Term 3 comes to a close, we look towards Term 4 and the end of 2022. Thank you for your support and care of our Year 9’s.

Daniel O’Dell
Year 9 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 8


Congratulations to the following students who have received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Cameron Bullock, Isobel Galvin and Ethan Kelly.

As I walked around the many classrooms this week I was impressed to see how the Year 8 groups were still working hard all the way up to the end of Term 3. Term 4 brings new and exciting adventures with the Year 8 camp to South West Rocks. There has been a lot of nervous but excited conversations around this adventure and the cohort with myself, we are truly looking forward to it.

Extended PC

Students had a blast enjoying their last extended PC for the term. The Year 8 SRC organised a group activity of 'musical chairs'. It was such a great activity where PC’s competed against each other until a final winner was found. The Hall was filled with laughter and smiling faces, it was such a pleasure to walk around and experience the joy and happiness from everyone.  Below are some images of the morning’s activity.

During the holidays students need this down time, as do their teachers, to recharge and return to school with renewed spirit and enthusiasm. On behalf of the Year 8 Pastoral Care Team, I wish all students and staff a peaceful and relaxing break.

See you all next term.

Greg Finney
Year 8 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 7


Congratulations to the following students who have received a Silver Principal’s Award: Lucas Boath, Billy Brockhouse, Louis Dimmers, Lily Rowlatt, Jesse Taylor and Imogen Thompson.

Congratulations to the following students who have received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award: Zac Bibel, Lucas Boath, Freya Briggs, Billy Brockhouse (x3), Samuel Browne, Louis Dimmers, Ashton Fraser, Joshua Freeman (x2), Sarah Gleeson, Olly Henry, Madeline Innes, Lily Moseley, Nate Radford, Bailey Rowlatt, Lily Rowlatt, Emily Ryan, Archie Spitzer, Jesse Taylor (x2), Imogen Thompson and Olivia Thompson.

Our Term 3 Character Strength focus has been Humour and Playfulness: recognising the lighter side of life; engaging with others through laughter and play, and bringing smiles to others. Humour is rarely seen as an essential component of social interactions but it is often a desirable one. It is also a valuable method to deal with difficult or distressing situations. So it was timely and desirable to invite Year 7 to come together in a friendly PC vs PC touch football game and expend their energy in a non-competitive game of dodgeball at lunchtime. In the spirit of fair play and teamwork, many smiles and positive connections were visible.

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It has been a great term, with students persisting in their studies and developing their strengths in the classroom, sporting arena, community and extra curricula activities. 

Our last assembly was extended because of the vast number of Pastoral Coordinator Awards that needed to be issued to so many of our students who earned five Merit Certificates for consistent application and/or outstanding results and/or voluntary service. It is marvellous to witness the continued growth and progress of individuals and the cohort.

Our young people are ready for a well-deserved break. On behalf of the Year 7 Pastoral Team, I hope that each student and family remains safe and well with time to rest and have fun during the next two weeks. 

Happy holidays Year 7, take care and take care of each other in your family. 

Nicole O’Connell
Year 7 Leader of Pastoral Care

Sport Update

Term 4 Sport 2022

Year 12 Sports Awards

The Year 12 Sports Awards were held last week. We acknowledged and congratulated those students who have represented the school across a wide range of individual and team sports. We also thanked our House Captains for 2022. Our leaders have led by example this year by embracing the House spirit at each of the carnivals and participating in competitions where possible. Their enthusiasm, energy and commitment to sport along with their healthy role modelling especially to the younger students is to be commended. Our Year 12 House Captains for 2022 were:

Flinders:        Samantha Thresher

Innes:            Cayden Briscoe

Macquarie:    Katie Duffy

Oxley:            Ryan Binskin

Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Champion House

Congratulations to Innes House and its House Captain, Cayden Briscoe, on being the Champion House for 2022. This is well deserved and just goes to show the positive impact that getting involved can have. There was less than 100 points between two of the houses so a highly competitive year.

Outstanding Involvement

Hudson HarmerAthletics, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union
Jenaya  HouriganAthletics, Basketball, Football
Evan  LipovacBasketball, Netball, Rugby League
Brooke  MeyersAthletics, Netball, Touch Football
Kiana  Osmond-DreyerAthletics, Cross Country, Football
Joshua  PowerBasketball, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union
Tahlia  PowerAthletics, Cross Country, Football
Dominica  TooheyAthletics, Cross Country, Hockey

Excellence in Sport - Pathway

Ryan Binskin

Cross Country
Gold Medal at NSWCCC Cross Country
Made the NSWCCC Cross Country team
Made the NSW All Schools Cross Country team

Jack Page

Cross Country
Made the NSWCCC Country team

Cayden Briscoe

Rugby Union
Made the NSWCCC Rugby Union team
Made the NSW All Schools Rugby Union team

Kiana Osmond-Dreyer

Cross Country
Made the NSWCCC Cross Country team

Dominica  Toohey

Made the NSWCCC Open Girls Hockey Team which won Gold at the NSW All Schools Hockey Championships
Cross Country
Made the NSWCCC Cross Country Team 

Samantha Thresher 

Made the NSWCCC Open Girls Hockey Team which won Gold at the NSW All Schools Hockey Championships

Team of the Year - MacKillop College 18s Boys Rugby League Team

Team: Ethan Clarke, Mosese Fineanganofo, Hudson Harmer, Thomas Hart, Lennox Jensen, Braydan Laing, Evan Lipovac, Tana Marino, Harper Murray, Mark Norris, Jacob Power, Joshua Power, Harry Robb, Wil Rosenbaum, Noah Thick, Ethan Tombs, William Heeney, Jacob Cooper, Kaden Vonbun. Assitant: Jesse Fisher

Senior Sportspersons of Year – Ryan Binskin
Congratulations to Ryan on a highly successful year. To qualify for this award, the athlete must participate in a range of sports at a competitive level. They must conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates outstanding school spirit, sportsmanship and a dedication to training and competition.

Ryan competed in the following whilst juggling the demands of the HSC.

  • MacKillop College’s Cross Country Age Champion
  • Represented MacKillop at the Diocesan Cross Country
  • Age Champion at the Diocesan Cross Country
  • Attended NSWCCC Cross Country trials
  • Age Champion medal at the NSWCCC Cross Country
  • Made the NSWCCC Cross Country team
  • Made the NSW All Schools Cross Country team
  • Placed 22nd in this event and 5th in NSW
  • Attended NSWCCC Athletics

Congratulations Ryan.

Representative Sport

Rugby Union 7s – 13s Boys

On 7 September, the under 13’s Rugby team participated in the Port Macquarie High School 7’s Gala Day. Our first pool game was against Bishop Druitt College, they scored a few early tries which left us with a lot of work to do. The under 13’s had a few opportunities and were able to get some points on the board, but they proved too talented.

Our second game was against St Claire’s which was a very even game, it was close throughout, thankfully we managed to score right before full time which allowed us to progress to the semi-finals.

We met St John Paul College in the semi’s and despite us having several opportunities to even the score they proved to be too experienced and scored a few late tries.

Students should be congratulated on their attendance at the numerous training sessions prior to the carnival.  On the day it was great to see the team's skills on display and it was pleasing to see our improvement throughout the day, which is very promising for the future.

The team was Oliver Bishell, James Bugler, Charlie Cameron, Taj Davis, Peter Duffy, Peter Field, Quinn Hancock, Jackson Hollis, Eli Hudson, Jack McGrath, Darcy Middleton, Arthur Schmude, Joey Thompson, Jude Vasilescu. Thanks to Jaxon Bruton and Stirling Wickham for running water.

Best and fairest on the day was Jude Vasilescu.

James Way

Rugby Union 7s – 15s Girls

The 15s Girls played four games of Rugby 7s with three wins and a loss. The wins came against SCAS, Wauchope High and Bishop Druitt College with one defeat by Melville High. Their girls' play highlighted their strong running game and good defensive work. They managed to gel on the day and they grew stronger as the day went on. It was particularly impressive to see Evie Hewens and Arliah Morris from Year 7 step up and contribute through a number of tries and some strong defence. All the girls, however, played really good strong rugby and should be proud of how well they represented MacKillop College.

Daniel Blackman

Rugby Union 7s – 15s Boys

The U15s had a great day at the Rugby 7s Gala Day, being crowned the winners of their division in an undefeated campaign. The first game was a 49-0 demolition of St Columbia. The game was won through the middle with Jack Randall and Seamus Cummins setting the platform in the forwards and Joe Post using his creative skill to set up multiple tries for Hunter Mayes and Jake Morgan.

The second and third pool matches were played back to back against John Paul College and Great Lakes College and were a test of the boys' endurance and fitness. John Paul College put up a strong fight in the first half before Riley Hollis used his unique ball playing skills to send Kodie Baird-Moran over the try line. MacKillop then orchestrated a dominant second half to run out 41-7 winners.

Great Lakes College took advantage of the boys’ fatigue to score two quick tries before we recomposed in the second half through Will Oliver and Felix Hurdle providing the direction and both attack and defence. Tyler Morris’s ability to turn the ball over and counter attack allowed the momentum to swing back in MacKillop’s favour on more than one occasion. Final score 33-12.

MacKillop finished 1st in their pool and qualified for the semi-finals. They came up against St Claire’s Taree. Jesse Judge and Beau Chegwidden absorbed the early pressure in defence before halves Jacob Queripel and Cooper Lorger were able to play some front foot rugby and put their teammates in try scoring positions. MacKillop won the Semi 24-10 and advanced to the final against Bishop Druitt College, Coffs Harbour.

The final proved to be the toughest match of the day. Bishop Druitt College owned the breakdown and field position in the first half, however couldn’t convert their tries. This allowed for a 12-10 score line at the break in favour of MacKillop. Seven minute halves can seem like an eternity and this was certainly the case as the boys went pound for pound in the early stages of the first half. A run away try to Jake Morgan was quickly followed by another from Will Oliver in the dying stages of the match. This put the result out of reach for Bishop Druitt College. MacKillop won the final 27-19.

Thanks to all the players involved for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown on the day.

Player’s player votes were shared between Tyler Morris and Joe Post.

Special thanks to Head Coach Joe Carrick for his assistance and guidance on the day.

Harrison Towle

Rugby Union 7s – 17s Boys

In Game 1, the U17's faced off against a talented Melville High School. It was a very physical game with our middle defence laying the platform for a strong 24-5 victory. Game 2, which would later repeat itself as the final for the day, saw the boys playing against a strong SCAS outfit. Once again, our defensive effort caused a number of turnovers which ultimately led to a last minute try from Braydan Laing who sealed the win 19-14. Our final pool game was against a spirited Great Lakes College who were no match for our much more athletic team who went in to win comfortably 28-5.

After a long day, the MacKillop U17's once again faced a quality SCAS side who ultimately proved too strong and went on to win 19-14. MacKillop played a spirited game but in the end, injuries to key players Hudson Harmer and Archie Kay and the fatigue of a long day proved to be our undoing. Standout players for the day were Lennox Jensen, Hudson Harmer, Ryan Hancock, Mosese Fineanganofo and Braydan Laing.

David Kennedy

Diocesan Netball – 7/8 Girls

Congratulations to the Year 7 and 8 girls who competed valiantly in the recent Diocesan Netball carnival. 

Meredith Davies

Evie Hewens

Gabriella Horan Juzenas

Charlotte McEntyre

Lucy Robinson

Estelle Williams

Lane Jordan

Gemirah Fernando

India Murray (Injured)

We have had a very difficult year with illness and injuries, not being able to compete at full strength, but the girls strived to give their best in every game. Everyone represented the school proudly and played some great netball.  A special mention to Janaye Singh who made herself available at the last minute.

It is very difficult to nominate a MVP as everyone had moments of brilliance but Charlotte McEntyre was exemplary playing at both ends of the court with poise and great skill.

Nicole Thompson

Diocesan Netball - 9/10 Girls

We managed another win in points for/against in our pool after rounds were played at our Diocesan Netball Carnival here in Port Macquarie. It was a spectacular day and I know the girls enjoyed the friendly competition with our Catholic School peers.

Missing a few players was a challenge for our girls, and unfortunately we went down by 6 points in our semi against Coffs Harbour, who went on to win the carnival for 9/10 Girls.

Some superb teamwork in our goal circle from our two unbelievable shooters, Tallara Duck and Piper Wilson. True to our girls' forms, we settled really nicely after about 10 minutes of playing. This was when the magic started to happen.

Player of the match was an astounding Lara Inman who managed a near 100% turn around for our first two games. We are so thankful to Molli Gilchrist who came and helped our team as an extra for the day.

Thanks to Claire Pieren, Brianna Moloney, Emma Burge and Emily Ryals for their dedication, commitment and excellence in Netball and representing our College so beautifully.

Amy Ryals

Diocesan Netball - Open Girls

It's that time of year again when I write an article talking about how much I LOVE coaching the senior girls netball team.  This year we finished victorious which was a lovely way for us to farewell the six girls in our team who are in Year 12.  The day was an awesome display of athleticism, teamwork and positivity.  One of the games we came from behind to win by two, with the team contesting every pass and play - very exciting to watch!  

Our shooters - Charlee, Brooke and Lucy were cool and calm under pressure, backing themselves all day, never losing their nerve.  Their movement around the circle was exceptional!

Our defence - Cassidy, Fleur and Katie were fierce, rattling the opposition and getting their hand to, it seemed like, every ball.  At times the intercepts that were occurring should have been physically impossible.

Our centre court - the three gorgeous pocket rockets of Molly, Georgia and Auraiha.  The girls ran, attacked, defended and then ran some more.  Never seeming to tire or lower their intensity for a second.  

When the standard is this high, picking the best and fairest is ridiculously hard, and to be honest I could name any girl from this team and feel happy with my choice.  However, I must name one - Fleur Sherlock!  Her netball has improved significantly, I put her in the circle and on the wing, she took every opportunity and played like a champion.  Well done Fleur.

Girls, so proud of you all.  You were absolutely awesome thanks for letting me be a part of it - winners!!!!!!

Lisa Kable

NSW All Abilities Netball

Students from MacKillop College and ASPECT Hunter School combined to form a team to participate in the NSW All Abilities Netball Carnival, held in Port Macquarie. Schools from as far as Forster and Kempsey attended along with Hastings Secondary College and ourselves.

The day began with skills sessions amongst the teams and enabled students and staff to interact and get to know each other. From there the teams kitted up and hit the courts to begin a round-robin against each other. The students combined very well and put their new-found skills to good use. Strategy and game play developed, as did a growing familiarity with the rules.

Our team managed two wins and a draw on the day but the experience gained in a sport that was fairly unfamiliar to most was invaluable as well as enjoying the camaraderie of their peers and developing new friendships. A short Staff v Students game was held during a break with a scoreless draw the result.

We thank the NSW Development Officers for offering and running an engaging and highly enjoyable day for our students and look forward to further opportunities such as this.  Congratulations to all students and staff involved.

Ebony Kliousis and Tanisha Cowin – ASPECT Hunter School
Gabi Ashe and Colin Coelho – MacKillop College

Harry Wells 9S – Rugby League Under 14 Boys

Well done to the U14 boys winning four out of five games going down in a close final to Taree. Players player goes to Lachlan Cheney-Hoy scoring six tries and solid defence. Also big thanks to Macleay Borger for coming along and helping out.

Makenzie Murray

Harry Wells 9S – Rugby League Under 16 Boys

The day started off with fatigued bodies after many of the players competed in their club grand finals. The players, however, were able to get themselves up for the day and put on some special individual performances as well as team performances. We accounted for Kempsey High School in our first game and continued through with this momentum beating St Paul’s Kempsey and Wingham High School in our round games. 

Our first semi-final was against Taree High School who we managed to beat. The final was a local derby against St Joseph's Regional College and the players stepped up to the challenge and were crowned eventual winners. The forwards all played well but Jacob Power, Tim Brodrick and Kaden Vonbun showed great strength and determination throughout the day while, our backs also played amazingly it was the combination of Tana Marino, Ethan Tombes and Will Rosenbaum that proved the difference. 

Glen Littler

CCC Athletics Results

See the results attached below.

Representative Sport

All registrations for MacKillop College sport teams will be completed by students via logging into the school Moodle page. Go to the Student Links tab on the left hand side and click on the Representative Sports Registrations link. Click on the relevant sport and fill out the google form.

Students will be notified through the morning notices of when to sign up, and when trials will occur.

Click on this link to register.





Netball Schools Cup State Finals

2 November


Tennis Cha,pionships  - Port Macquarie

4 November

League Tag

13, 15 and Opens League Tag

23 November

Rugby League

NRL 7s Boys - 14, 16 and Opens

1 December

Rugby League

NRL 7s Girls - 14, 16 and Opens

7 December

Lismore Diocesan Events and Registration

Please note that the following sports are currently open for students to be able to sign up to or register their interest to trial. These sports have been advertised to students through morning notices over the past week.

Please click on this link below to register for the sports.



Date of event

Registration Closing date


Diocesan Boys and Girls Championships – Coffs Harbour

14 October

9 September


Junior Championships - Alstonville

10 November

14 October


Diocesan Secondary Golf Championships - Coffs Harbour

15 November

14 October


Senior Championships - Alstonville

17 November

14 October

NSWCCC Events and Registration 

Students MUST be registered for the event with parent and Principal approval (or Principal delegate).

Registration is through the CSNSW Sport portal. Details on how to register:

Registrations are via the portal. For instructions on how to register go to:  Guide For Parents – Sport Registrations >>

Please note that the NSWCCC Sport registrations for individual nominations for 2022 selections are open for the following trials:



Date of event


Opens Championships - SOPAC

26 October


Junior Championships - SOPAC

28 October


Junior Boys & Girls Championships - Bankstown

31 October - 1 November


Girls Championships

7 November


Girls Championships

22 November

For further information, go to the CSNSW Sport Website Sport pages.


The selection for these events are a result of the NSWCCC events.

SportEventDate of event
DivingSSA Diving - Brisbane20 October - 26 October
BasketballNational Basketball Championships27 November - 2 December

Community Sport

Rugby League

Congratulations to Ethan Tombs who recently trialled for the South Sydney Rabbitohs and was selected for their team in the 2023 Harold Matthews competition. 

Congratulations to Niah Evans, Penny Sprague and their Port City Breakers team who won the U16's Girls Tackle rand final. They played against Taree Rovers and won 26-12.


Congratulations to Mitchell White who has been selected to play in the Under 14 Sydney Swans Academy Super 24 team. He was one of only two boys from the whole North Coast selected to play. The carnival will be held in Albury against the GWS Giants Academy in the first week of the school holidays. This is a great opportunity for Mitchell where he will be playing against and alongside some of the best AFL players in the state.

If your child has achieved outstanding sporting results in their community sport, we would love to hear about it. Please email myself, or your child’s respective Leader of Pastoral Care, so we can acknowledge these achievements. 

If you have any questions regarding sport at MacKillop College, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or phone at the College.

Erin Denham
Leader of Sport

Music News

St Agnes Parish Senior Drumline Makes it 5 In A  Row
This past Sunday afternoon the Senior Drumline composed of students drawn from the St. Agnes' Catholic Parish Secondary Schools (MacKillop College, St. Joseph's Regional College and Newman Technical College) were crowned Australia Drumline Champions for the 5th consecutive year. Scoring 1st place in both the Own Choice and Test Piece components of the competition (with scores of 91.90 and 92.00 respectively, with a combined score of 91.95), they finished 12.7 points clear of their closest competition, in addition to picking up every single caption award for best section: Best Snares, Best Tenors, Best Basses, Best Cymbals, and Best Colour Guard. Competing under the Port Macquarie Vanguard moniker, this unprecedented level of excellence is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students as well as the support from the schools. Their original show was titled "Danse Macabre", and was written in the fading shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic which has gripped Australia and the world over the past 2+ years.

In addition to the resounding success of the senior drumline, the Port Macquarie Brumbies junior drumline made their debut this season competing in the B division, which included students from not only the secondary schools but also the Parish primary school students as well. Their effort in the test piece and their own choice floor show, titled "Perpetual Motion", were enough to secure a second place finish in both the Test Piece and Own Choice components of the competition, and students should be proud of their hard work and results of their debut season.

Last but not least, the drumline soloists also shined through with amazing results. Andrew Skellern claimed his first solo snare title with his solo titled "Prestige Worldwide", while last year's champion Callum Pender-Buchan took a close contested second with his "Bogan Disco". This is the third time Port Macquarie Vanguard members have swept 1st & 2nd place in the snare solos, picking up the torch from Liam Coelho & Bailey Armstrong (2014) as well as Harry Amon & Hannah Daley (2017).

Massive congrats also to Nick Horder for picking up a surprise 2nd place in the tenor section with his highly entertaining and completely improvised tenor solo titled "The Tenor Solo".

Mark Spence
Leader of Drums & Percussion

Links & Forms

Music Ensemble Sign Up Form

Music Tuition Request Form

Co curricular Music Google Classroom

Senior Band STILE PAGE

Junior Band STILE PAGE 

The Collective Pop & Rock Praise Band STILE PAGE

Saxophone Ensemble Google Classroom

Musical Theatre Company Google Classroom

Year 12

What a send-off we have had for Year 12 2022. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this group of young men and women. They have been honest, helpful and kind. I wish them all the best for their exams and hope that they head into the holidays feeling fresh and focussed for the exams to come.

Here are a few photos of the fun we have been having over the past few weeks/days.

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Andrea Huxley
Year 12 Leader of Pastoral Care

Year 11

With the term coming to an end I would like to congratulate all Year 11 students on their hard work and commitment in completing their Preliminary Courses. It has been a steep learning curve for many of the students and they should be proud of their efforts.

Many students have started to think about which courses they will no longer continue on with for the HSC. We strongly advise all students to wait until they receive their Preliminary exam results early next term before making any decisions about their HSC subjects. All HSC courses will start at the beginning of Term 4.


Congratulations to the SAPPS Drumline who are the National Champions for the fifth consecutive year. Year 11 student Nicholas Horder who took out second place in the solo tenor drum division with his highly entertaining tenor solo.

Year 11 student Callum Pender-Buchan came second in the snare solo division.

Well done boys.

Senior Retreat

The Senior Retreat in Term 4 is a highlight of the school year for both our students and staff. It provides our students with the opportunity to reflect on their journey so far, look to the future and enhance connections with each other and our staff. Students will attend the three day Retreat at either St Francis Retreat at Bonny Hills or Stuarts Point Convention Centre. 

The Retreat will take place on Wednesday, 2 November to Friday, 4 November (Week 4). It is important for students to be well prepared and clear work and sport schedules for the above dates as this will be their last ever school retreat and compulsory excursion.

Details of the Retreat and venue details will be available in early Term 4.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the College if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Senior Retreat for your child.

Lastly I would like to wish all families a happy and safe holiday.

Tracey Bewicke
Year 11 Leader of Pastoral Care 

Year 10


Congratulations to Elicia Nelson who has received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award.

Congratulations to 10 Flinders 1 and 10 Macquarie 1 who were the winners of the Scavenger Hunt during Extended PC last Wednesday. The students had a fantastic time finding and sharing a series of clues from different locations around the school. I’d like to thank our Year 10 Leadership Team consisting of Ross Aird, Jiya Jamu, Archie Kay, Harmony Mitchell, Lauren Nichols, Jack O’Connell, Tom Ryan and Fynn Slade for organising such a fun event for the rest of the year.

Congratulations also to all of our students on the completion of their respective winter sports activities. Whether they won their competition or not, physical activity and team sports provide young people with such tremendous opportunities to grow and develop their skills and character. We are so blessed in Port Macquarie to have such a range of opportunities available. 

Year 10 have had a busy term completing challenging assessments and finalising their subject choices for next year which has certainly worn them out. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our students and their families a happy and restful holiday period. I’m very much looking forward to seeing them when they return in Term 4.

Have a great break!

David Kennedy
Year 10 Leader of Pastoral Care

Parent Resources

Parent Talk, an initiative of the Council of Catholic School Parents (NSW/ACT), provides some very helpful information for parents and carers. The latest issue includes tips for parents to support their child during the HSC, access to free Headspace wellbeing webinars and a cyberbullying webinar facilitated by the eSafety Commissioner. 

I encourage all parents and carers to click on the link and browse through the latest issue. 

Jennifer Campbell
Assistant Principal Pastoral Care

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

Term 3 has proven to be very busy for all year groups in the College.

Year 12: As Year 12 finish their last term at the College, teachers are busy finalising reports and preparing their students for the HSC. Final reports will be issued on Wednesday, 21 September via Schoolworx.

Year 11: Year 11 are fast approaching their end of year exam block. It is recommended that students arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their exams to ensure they are calm and organised. All students are reminded that they will need their student card for every exam. Furthermore, Year 11 students have been emailed an Expression of Interest form if they wish to study an extension subject in Year 12. This application form closes today.

Year 10: Thank you to all Year 10 students for the mature way they have engaged in the subject selection process. We are currently in the process of working through different combinations, and for those students continuing at MacKillop College we hope to send subject confirmation letters in the coming weeks.

Year 9:  All Year 9 students would have received their NAPLAN results on Monday. Well done to all students on their application in these assessments.

Year 8: Year 8 have recently selected their electives for 2023. We are currently in the process of finalising classes for next year and students will be notified of their choices in Term 4.

Year 7: All Year 7 students would have received their NAPLAN results on Monday. Well done to all Year 7 on their application towards these tests. Furthermore, I have been busy visiting Year 7 PCs this week and will continue into next week to talk to Year 7 about selecting their electives for Year 8. All parents and students will be emailed a letter outlining the options available and process for selection next week.

Christine Harmer
Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Principal's Update

Year 12 2022 Graduation

On Wednesday, 21 September we will celebrate the Graduation of our 2022 Year 12 cohort. 

All Year 12 parents and families are invited to join in the celebrations.

9.30am: Graduation Mass at St Agnes’ Catholic Church

10.45am: Morning tea in the Senior Canteen area 

11.45am: Celebration of Excellence Ceremony in the College Hall. 

Parents and carers please be aware that the College office will be closed between 11:30am - 1:45pm on Wednesday, 21 September as we celebrate the graduation of Year 12.

If you need to drop your child late to school or collect them early, please avoid these times.

Year 12 Success: Callback Nominations

Callback is a selection of outstanding performances and projects from Higher School Certificate Dance students. Two of our Year 12 Dance students have been nominated for possible inclusion in the 2022 HSC Showcase.

Maddison Reed has been nominated for her Core Performance, Core Composition as well as her major study performance work. This is an outstanding achievement for a HSC student.

Ruby Berryman has been nominated for her Core Composition. Well done to Ruby on her success.

Both girls are very talented dancers and should be very proud of their achievements.

I also congratulate Jamanda Eggert who has given an enormous amount of support to our Dance students.

Maddison Reed: Callback Nominated

Ruby Berryman: Callback Nominated

Below we have some other incredible Major Works from our HSC Creative Arts & TAS students. 

Nicholas Bridle 

Ruby Berryman & Amelie Wagner

Tayla Vatalidis

Thomas Moreton

Sage Carey

Michael Nixon

Alice Barnaby

Emma Highlands

Isobel Pares

Emma Highlands

Group Performance

Daniel Maxwell

Nicholas Bridle

Olivia Nichols

Alys Davies

Dylan De Domizio

Kyla Patterson

Alice Ho

Jordan Huender

Mark Norris

Jack Strahorn

Father's Day

Wishing all the Father's, Grandfather's, Guardian's and those who take on the Father role in our College community  a belated Happy Father's Day for last week. We hope you felt appreciated on your special day.

Cath Eichmann

Year 10

Safer Driver Course

Behind The Wheel offer a safe driver course for our young people who are looking at getting their driver's licences. See below for more information on how to register. 


Congratulations to Emily Galvin who has received a Leader of Pastoral Care Award.

David Kennedy
Year 10 Leader of Pastoral Care