Additional Needs

At MacKillop College we cater to students with a wide range of additional learning needs. All students participate in the mainstream program and are offered adaptations to curriculum, assessments and examinations to meet their needs.

We offer smaller English and Mathematics classes for students with the greatest need in these two core subjects. Literacy and numeracy groups are also provided for additional assistance.

The strong Pastoral Care model offered at the College ensures that all students have staff members to whom they can comfortably relate. Teachers’ assistants provide support by mentoring students with special learning needs within the classroom, helping with theory and practicals, and in small group work.  Additionally, a number of special programs may be made available to students including personal training, after school homework and assessment support and essential skills programs.

Early Transition Program

The College offers an Early Transition Program for students who may experience difficulty with change.

Individual Plans

Leonie Di Bona is our Additional Needs Teacher at MacKillop College and conducts regular holistic planning meetings with families and students.  It is important to note that support is available to all students on a needs basis.