Pastoral Assistant

The Pastoral Assistant provides pastoral support to students and families, bear witness to Jesus Christ and supports the Catholic ethos of the school.

The Pastoral Assistant provides links or referrals with other student wellbeing structures within the school such as the School Counsellor, School Chaplain (Priest) and the Leaders of Pastoral Care.

The Pastoral Assistant facilitates special programs such as Seasons for Growth, Mentoring, Positive Choices and Purple Hats. These programs are held at scheduled times throughout the year for students and a specific description regarding each program can be accessed through the Leaders of Pastoral Care. These programs are not compulsory and are a suggested support for students. The Pastoral Assistant provides support in activities such as St Vincent de Paul appeal, Year group camps and Pastoral Care.

Purple Hats Program

‘Purple Hats’ is a 6-8 week life skills and self esteem program for girls.  This program teaches girls to recognise their strengths, their natural beauty and to accept and improve their body image and self esteem.

Man Skills Program

‘Man Skills’ is a 6-8 week program for boys that provides practical skills that young men need for life today. The program addresses self esteem, confidence, self defence, conversation skills, leadership and other practical skills such as tying ropes, using power tools, lighting a fire and social etiquette.  The program is fun, very practical and involves input and insight from male teaching staff and community mentors.

Seasons for Growth Program

‘Seasons’ is an 8-10 week program for small groups of young people who have experienced loss.  This program focuses on the importance of social support and the need to practise new skills to cope effectively with change and loss, including self esteem, managing feelings, problem solving, decision making, effective communication and support networks.

Positive Choices Program

‘Positive Choices’ is a 4 week program for students to have the opportunity to develop tools and strategies that allow them to make better choices about their daily life at school. Students who are involved in the program will learn strategies and skills in respect to developing interpersonal relationships, identifying and managing anger, turning negative choices into positive outcomes and making positive future choices. 

As a compulsory re entry to school students must participate in this program.

The aim of the Pastoral Assistant is to promote and support the College Vision and Mission.