Christian Outreach and Community Service Program

Every student at MacKillop College is encouraged to participate in a minimum of three service activities throughout the College year.  These are largely done in the student’s own time, but some activities will be coordinated at the College.

Below are suggested activities:

Home Based
● Extra jobs at home
● Babysitting
● Preparing a meal
● Cleaning
● Washing the family car

School Based
● Gardening
● Cleaning
● Assisting teachers/office/library
● Involvement in school activities

Neighbourhood Based
● Help with an organisation that you may already be involved with in some way
● Offer assistance to neighbours - mowing their lawn, babysitting

Community Based
● Visiting the elderly
● Help in organisations - St Vincent de Paul, Bush Fire Brigade, Surf Lifesaving, Meals on Wheels
● Organise fundraising - Caritas, East Timor, Catholic Mission
● Involvement in Red Shield Appeal
● Parish Youth Ministry
● Solomons Immersion program
● ANZAC Day March

Wider Community Based
● Soup Kitchen Volunteer
● Donating Blood
● Vinnies Kids Camps
● Visiting Aged Care
● Organising Fundraising


“Never see a need without doing something about it.” Mary MacKillop 1871