Pastoral Care

As part of our Catholic education, MacKillop College is committed to creating a total environment which is caring and supportive of the individual.  Believing this to be of paramount importance, our primary focus is the welfare and holistic development of our students.  Pastoral Care forms an integral part of bringing students and teachers together.

Leaders of Pastoral Care oversee each year group.  Each year has eight Pastoral Care classes of approximately 25 students.  Pastoral Care teachers meet with their Pastoral class at the commencement of the school day.  During Pastoral Class students pray, listen to daily notices, attendance is marked, receive formal letters for home. 

It is hoped that students will develop a close relationship with the Pastoral Care teacher and that students will have confidence to confide in this teacher and seek their guidance.

Pastoral Care groups are formed into one of four house groups: Oxley, Macquarie, Flinders and Innes.