Parent Connections

Welcome to our Parent Connections page.  MacKillop College Parent Social Group


The parent social group is an initiative to develop, enhance and strengthen the connections between parents as they journey through their children’s secondary education.

The two key goals are to:

• enhance the partnership between school and family;
• share ideas and plan social events for parents to meet each other and engage in school life.

If you would like any further information please contact Debbie Ward on 0407 702 643 for details.

St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools Parent Consultative Committee

St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools has an advisory board, consisting of principals, parents and parish representatives, which meet monthly.  Its main functions are to:

• enhance the partnership between the school, families and the parish;
• offer parental perspective to the principals;
• provide feedback from parents to school staff;
• represent parents of our school when required, and review school policy and procedures.

The parent and parish representatives currently serving on the St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools Parent Consultative Committee include: Lynn Lelean (Chair), Bernadette Gamon, John Heagney, Stephanie Pepper, Peta Rourke, Debbie Ward and Milva Wheate.

Catholic Schools Parent Assembly

The Catholic Schools Parent Assembly seeks to serve the pastoral, educational and spiritual needs of all parents whose children attend catholic schools within the Diocese of Lismore and to contribute to an effective partnership between the parish priest, school and the family for the good of the students.

What does Parent Assembly do for parents?
1. Provides an organised way to have their views represented at the diocesan, state and national levels of educational decision making.

2. Provides opportunities for parents’ educational needs to be continually identified and respond to:

• Parenting skills
• Parenting today
• Social issues
• Drug education
• Educational matters
• Educational funding
• Spiritual growth

3. Builds co-operation and support, in four key areas, among parents at local level:

• Faith enrichment
• Parenting education
• Networking and support
• Advocacy

For further information please contact:
Peta Rourke                                                                       MacKillop College Representative
Parent Assembly                                                               Cluster Organiser Debbie Ward - 0407 702 643
Hastings Macleay Region
m: 0400 420 614