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“Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.”- Martin Luther

St Agnes' Catholic Parish Secondary Schools Drumline makes it 4 in a row! 

On Sunday, October 24, the St Agnes' Catholic Parish Secondary Schools Drumline, competing as the Port Macquarie Vanguard, took out their 4th consecutive national title in the Optimum Percussion Australian Drumline Competition. Current COVID restrictions meant the competition was both delayed and via livestream, and despite numerous challenges throughout the year the members of the drumline and colour guard captured a performance that won the day with their technical dexterity and clarity, visual precision, and impassioned presentation.

This year's show was titled "Across The Sky", an original piece written and visually arranged by their instructor Mark Spence. It interprets the universal elements and myths of humanity through rhythm and movement, and is a tour de force of storytelling through modern marching percussion. The drumline also performed a Test Piece titled "Shishkabob", which was written by adjudicator Julie Davila and performed by all of the Division A drumlines, and was included in the final scoring tabulations.

This year's competition was the closest yet, with a very small margin separating the top three drum lines, and all performers and instructors should be commended on a job well done, (especially in these trying times.) In addition to being crowned Champion Drumline, the Port Macquarie Vanguard also earned the award for Best Snare Section in the caption awards.

Members of the drumline and colour guard are rightfully proud and excited to capture a 4th consecutive national title, and are already hard at work on next year's show. Huge thanks to all the support that the leadership, teachers, and staff of St. Joseph's Regional College, MacKillop College, and the entire St Agnes' Catholic Parish have shown the drumline over the years as well. This would not be possible without them.

Acknowledgement of the dedication, energy and skill that Mark Spence brings to this ensemble as Director is also important to recognise. Thank you Mark!

St Agnes Parish Secondary Schools Drum line and Colour guard - National Champions 2021

The Hope Project

During the lockdown in Term 3, a number of students participated in the Hope Project whereby students composed a hymn with a theme of ‘Hope’.

Congratulations to Tess McWilliams who composed ‘If I Stay’ and the song writing duo Lara Inman and Jiya Jamu who composed ‘You Came For Us’.

These hymns are currently in ‘pre-production’ where they are being mixed and arranged to enable the college Collective Pop and Praise Band to put together a live recording to share with the college community and for potential use at Mass and Liturgies in 2022!

Ensemble Rehearsals Update

Whilst level 3 restrictions are in place most music ensembles will be focusing on recording repertoire with assistance from their Ensemble Directors. These recordings will adhere to level 3 health advice with regard to safe practices and distancing. The goal is to keep making music and hopefully put together something tangible before the end of the year.

All ensemble members are to contact their ensemble directors to confirm recording times and repertoire details. This can be done by checking the ensemble google classroom or emailing ensemble directors directly (details are provided below).

Please note that face to face full ensemble rehearsals cannot recommence until level 3 restrictions are lifted.

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Upcoming Events


  • Week 4 - Sunday 31 October, 4:15pm - 6:00pm, St Agnes' Parish Church, Collective Praise Band.


  • Week 10 - Sunday 5 December, 4:15pm - 6:00pm, St Agnes' Parish Church, Collective Praise Band.

Please contact Rob Denham with any questions relating to the co-curricular music program at MacKillop College.

Rob Denham
Leader of CoCurricular Music